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HR Audit. Discover. Reveal. Detect.

When the only constant is change, start with Prescott HR’s HR Audit.

The changing nature of business today demands that organizations prioritize Human Resources management at a strategic level. Through an HR audit, Prescott HR takes an in-depth and objective look at your organization’s HR policies, practices, procedures, and strategies to protect the company, establish best practices, and identify opportunities for improvement. Our expert HR consultants review your company’s “current state” and help you evaluate whether specific practice areas are adequate, legal, and effective.

Our recommendations provide you and your team with the information you need to make necessary improvements.

Are your current HR practices helping, hindering or having little impact? Discover, reveal and detect.  The HR Audit helps quantify current initiatives and provide a roadmap for next steps, so that you can achieve compliance, build a thriving culture, and confidently advance your organization with indisputable HR best practices.


   Do potential and current employees see your firm as the #1 employer of choice in your business field?

   Do you know what your turnover rate is and how much it is costing your company?

   Are you satisfied with your employee benefits design and costs? Do you perceive HR as a critical, profitable, strategic function and support it as such?

   Have you trained your management team on the following?

•  Equal Employment Opportunity
•  Harassment (Sexual, Racial, Religious, etc.)
•  Corrective Counseling and Documentation
•  Basic Management Skills

   Do you have written HR policies and procedures for the following?

•  Employment
•  Compensation and Benefits
•  Employee/Labor Relations
•  Safety and Health
•  HR Administrative Practices
•  Counseling and Termination
•  Training and Development​

   Have you distributed your policies / procedures in handbook form to all employees?

   Are you prepared to address a harassment or discrimination claim, should one arise?

   Do you know who administers your obligations under COBRA?

   Are your compensation plans (cash and non-cash) competitive? Do you have data to know?

   Do you have completed I-9s for all employees? Are they completed properly?

Are you keeping appropriate safety records and filing the required OSHA reports?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, your organization will benefit from an HR Audit.

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