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Running and growing a business is multi-faceted, hard work.

Human Resources is the critical link across an organization’s mission, goals, objectives, and priorities. Prescott HR knows compliance and what growing organizations need. With candor and care, Prescott HR will guide you through the bends and turns – from audits and compliance, and hiring and firing, to tuning up your management team – so you can focus on running the business.

Prescott HR offers advice and counsel with the speed and confidence that come from proven expertise. Not sure where to begin? Start with our HR audit.

Our services typically fall under one of three categories: Outsourced or Fractional HR, HRIS Implementation & Payroll Processing, and Strategic Projects.


We take care of HR so you don’t have to.

You may be a small business and growth is on the horizon. In fact, it’s coming quicker than you imagined. You’re considering your own HR director, but you’re not exactly sure of the skills you need. You need someone who is invested in the business – who you don’t have to train – but you may not need them full-time. If only you could hire a part-time HR director to meet your needs. Prescott HR can do that.


You choose the software. We help you implement it.

You’re ready to optimize your team, your HR processes, and your payroll. There are some fantastic tools and systems that will help you do it. But where do you begin? While Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) can provide great efficiencies, it’s not always easy to get them up and running. That’s where we come in. 



When new HR needs arise, you want an expert on your side.

You’re operating at maximum output and you’re thinking ahead. You’ve identified future- and value-focused strategic HR initiatives, and you just don’t have the staff, bandwidth, or expertise to explore, manage, or implement efficiently. Prescott HR can help.



We have provided services to various industries, including:

  • Non-profits
  • Government contractors
  • Manufacturing / warehouse
  • Professional services
  • Medical / healthcare
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation

Whatever your need, Prescott HR has your back. Our goal is to give you peace of mind when it comes to anything HR related. We consistently handle the responsibilities associated with HR and regulatory compliance, for corporate and non-profit clients, so that you can place greater focus on the achievement of your organization’s mission, strategic goals, and priorities.

“Prescott HR’s team of HR professionals is amazing. The organization has provided top tier consultants who have been instrumental in updating our policies and working through several HR challenges we have faced over the last year. The audit they provided as part of the initial engagement was instrumental in determining our project list, and the staff they provided helped to directly execute against it. Ultimately, I couldn’t be happier with the support they have provided our company. I would strongly recommend Prescott HR to any organization, regardless of size or industry.”

– Brian, COO, Web & Software Development


We have what you need.

Depending on where you are in your business journey, retainer-based Fractional HR (a quarter time or half-time, or other fraction of time) may be the solution for your business as it grows and changes. From initial audit to systems setup to strategic, an outsourced senior-level HR professional can help with:

  • HR and management audits
  • Employee relations
  • Business strategy alignment
  • Employee handbook*
  • Employee onboarding
  • Benefits administration
  • Manager training
  • Performance management
  • Multi-state HR compliance (including California)
  • Hiring and placement*

*indicates retainer client services only

Our experienced HR professionals help identify and address the gaps, inefficiencies, and underlying issues that may be holding your organization back. Interested in learning more? Contact us to schedule a 15-minute discovery call.



Need HRIS and Payroll Processing? Get maximum results.

We often equate HRIS and Payroll systems to high-end model homes. When you tour a model home you’re shown all the bells and whistles and high-end features meant to make you fall in love. But, after you’ve purchased the standard home, you realize you may be in over your head — it’s now up to you to make this standard model a real home. When you look at an HRIS demo, they’re showing you everything it can do — the model home with ALL the bells and whistles. But when you get it, like the keys from the builder, it’s a box. You have to have the vision to make it work for you. With an HRIS, you have to know what you want it to do and how to implement it. At Prescott HR, we have that vision.

If you are:

  • A business with 15+ employees
  • Advancing beyond a starter payroll company
  • Overwhelmed by the day-to-day demands of payroll processing
  • Needing your current HRIS and/or Payroll to do more

Schedule a Discovery Call with Prescott HR today. We can help you get the most out of your current systems, or recommend and implement new systems to better fit your needs.



We’re here to help.

Strategic HR projects help you manage your team in alignment with your business activities and priorities. The Human Resource strategy sets the direction for all the key areas of HR, including:

  • Employee and manager training
  • Compensation studies
  • FLSA audits – exempt vs. non-exempt
  • HR audits
  • Workplace investigations
  • Other custom HR consulting

If you are:

  • An organization with a small (or no) HR department
  • On the verge of growth/expansion
  • Unsure of the resources/requirements your special project will demand …

Prescott HR can save your organization time, money, and the hassle of juggling strategic and special HR projects that aren’t a part of your company’s day-to-day operations.

Contact us to schedule a 15-minute discovery call. We have the expertise and dedicated consultants you need.

Let’s talk. Interested in learning how we’ve helped other organizations and leaders? Call today to schedule a 15-minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit for each other.