A podcast.

What? You heard that right.

Human resources is an important and necessary part of doing business. In this relaxing and entertaining environment, we’ll dive into all things HR and have a little fun doing it. In this podcast we’ll talk about compliance, challenges, great ideas and mishaps, and how Human Resources can move from an administrative, overhead department to a strategic contributor to the bottom line.

Episode 1 : What is Outsourced HR?

Guest – Valerie Dzbynski
As a business owner or executive, have you thought your organization needed more support in Human Resources? But you don’t need a full-time HR professional? You can just let the Office Manager handle it, right? No, the CFO. No, no, the COO. We will discuss the necessity for organizations of all sizes to have access to a trained HR professional…and we have fun while doing it.

Episode 2 : Do Non-Profits Need HR?

Guest – Traci Kodeck, CEO of Healthcare Access Maryland
The leaders of non-profits are often passionate and highly skilled. But, they are generally stretched too thin with heavy workloads and have little time for dealing with staff problems when they arise. With thin margins and high stakeholder demands, do non-profits really need HR? 

Episode 3 : Do I need an attorney? An HR Pro? or Both?

Guest – Cheryl Brown, Esq., Attorney with Davis, Agnor, Rappaport & Skalny
Many business owners and executives believe they only need one: a lawyer or an HR professional to manage their employment-related issues. But is that the case? What is the difference between an employment attorney and an HR Consultant? Do you really need both? This episode explores these questions.

Episode 4 : 2020 Trends In Employment Law

Guest – Cheryl Brown, Esq., Attorney with Davis, Agnor, Rappaport & Skalny
It’s a New Year and a new legislative session.  There are several new employment laws that have gone into effect and many more on the horizon.  In this episode, we address trends across the country and the impact to businesses.  In addition, we discuss advocacy and how business owners can get involved.  And of course…we talk about cocktails!

Episode 5 : Is Training Different Than Professional Development?

Guest – Keith Daw, McDonell Consulting Group
Many of us use training and professional development interchangeably, but..are they the same? In this episode, we will explore the differences between training and professional development and how organizations can use each to impact their employees.

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