When Is It Time to Outsource HR?

An informational video produced by the Better Business Bureau about knowing when and how to outsource HR.

Find out from Prescott HR’s Kimberly Prescott what you need to know about Outsourced HR — everything from payroll processing, benefits administration, recruiting, training and more. What are the benefits? Whether you need access to HR professionals, strategic guidance, regulatory compliance guidance, improved employee experience and retention or another HR task, outsourcing might be the way to go. She also talks about the criteria you can use to make the best choice because one size does not fit all. Find out more by watching.

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Understanding Leave Laws.

An Interview with Prescott HR Founder Kimberly Prescott.

Listen as Prescott HR founder Kimberly Prescott is interviewed for a podcast on LocalJobsNetwork.com Radio. Life happens, and as a leader, manager, and employer it is important to understand what your responsibilities are when one of your employees informs you that they are expecting. Kimberly Prescott, founder of Prescott HR Consulting, joins the show to explain the obligations that employers have for expecting employees. In addition, with host Cady Chesney, Ms. Prescott will explore how employers can be proactive and be prepared for happy life events, such as pregnancy.

Listen to the Podcast